1. A shoot I did with Kiesza for Google a little while back. 

  2. A little film from our LA weekend. 

  3. I was recently invited to participate as a photographer in a campaign celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with 39 other photographers. 

    Check out the video and interactive experience! My lady is in the orange shirt + lipstick - thanks Katie Kwan!


  4. A blast to the past. Festival Style from Outside Lands. I live here now!

  5. Found photos from the archive… Katy Perry in concert.

  6. Young kids from a Somali neighborhood were so incredibly happy to have this yard sign in front of their house.

  7. Im going to post the photos from Ohio for a bit. Not just Obama and celeb pics, but the people we met working on the ground. 

    This is the house of a man who was running canvases in a tougher neighborhood. He made us vegetarian pizza and gave us hand warmers. 

  8. Billy Been outtake from my Phoot portrait shoot. What a guy. 

  9. I just found this phoot outtake. Waterfalls and Butler!

  10. Ohio 2012. Link here: http://ohiostories2012.virb.com/ohio-2012 Will be up for a few more days before I migrate the content.